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Cleaning the Torsion Springs and Throttle Shaft Pivot Joints

As the torsion springs and throttle shaft pivot joints get dirty over time they can restrict the free movement of the throttle blades in the Terminator and single blade in the Flying Toilet.  This can potentially cause the throttle to not close all of the way each time and result in inconsistent idle speeds.  The below photo shows a Terminator throttle body that is several years old and has had consistent external cleaning over the years.  It is amazing the amount of grime that can build up over time even on a well kept racecar.

KillerRONS recommends the below deep cleansing procedure at least once per year to keep your throttle body in great working order.  Once this is accompished a regular external cleansing and lubrication will keep your throttle body working well during the course of the racing season.

Clean the bulk of the grime off with some carburetor cleaner and an old toothbrush.  Below is a picture of some dirt that is still present even after a quick spray and scrubbing.  The offending grime is typically found within and under the torsion spring and deep down inside the shaft pivot on the throttle body.

Removing the butterfly blade from the shaft makes cleaning both the blade(s), shaft slot and the pivots on the throttle body easier and more effective.  Good practice is to put the blade back together in the same orientation so marking “top” and “front” helps when it comes time to reassemble.  On the Flying Toilet, remove the three socket head “Allen” screws, pivot the blade vertical, and carefully slide it out of the shaft. 
Removing the throttle shaft is not recommended.  If you feel that this is needed please return the system to the manufacturer.

On the Terminator, remove the two socket head “Allen” screws per blade, pivot the blade vertical, and carefully slide it out of its shaft.  Once again, removing the throttle shaft is not recommended.  If you feel that this is needed please return the system to the manufacturer.

For a complete cleansing soaking the shaft for a few hours in solvent is recommended.   Although we at KillerRONS cannot find much use for gasoline it does work quite well as a solvent.  There is no need to soak the barrel valve or the hoses so the Flying Toilet system should be set on its end.  You will need a pan at least 8” wide (for the throttle shaft) and at least 6” deep.  Aluminum cooking pans are available and inexpensive if you don’t have a clean container in the garage or shop.  

With the Terminator we recommend removing the barrel valve and hoses from the throttle body so it can lay down flat in the pan.  This is so that both shafts can be submerged in the solvent.  Please pay special attention when reattaching the throttle body that the number in the barrel valve spool is furthest away from the throttle body as shown in the photo below.  As long as you do not loosen the jam nuts your barrel valve spool will be in the exact position as it was before removing the valve.

Once the barrel valve and hoses are removed from a Terminator you will be able to lay the throttle body and blades in the pan with just a couple of inches of solvent (below).

A few times during the soaking, rotate the shaft(s) back and forth to work the deposits out and flush the area with solvent.  After soaking, dry the entire assembly and then lubricate the pivots where the shaft goes through the throttle body (inside and out) as well as the torsion springs.  A couple drops while rotating the shaft back and forth is all that is needed. Lastly, slide the cleaned butterfly blade back into the shaft, insert and tighten the retaining screws using a thread locking gel such as blue or red “Loctite”. 

As a last measure of safety go back and triple check that all of the fasteners are tightened and the blades are opening and closing freely with absolutely no binding.

KillerRONS would like to give a special thanks to Jim Hanrahan for his help on this technical article.


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