KillerRons - James Monroe
KillerRons - James Monroe

The Ron's Fuel Injection Terminator has been around for over 20 years and continues to grow in popularity as engines become even larger and more powerful.  This is our "high-end" throttle body that is machined from 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum.  The Terminator system is
 available from KillerRONS.COM in the two sizes listed below and features the very reliable gear pump as standard issue.  These fuel systems are typically set-up for alcohol fuel but can also utilize Ethanol or E85 with a simple tune-up change.  The Terminator has become a popular choice for drag and Mega Truck racers.  This is due to its ability to operate flawlessly in extreme maneuvers as well as its unmatched throttle response throughout the entire RPM range.  It is also the fuel system of choice for spreadport-style engines for those wishing to use alcohol where an alcohol carburetor simply cannot get the job done.

The 1475 CFM (2-1/8" Butterflies) throttle body is utilized on engines ranging from 355 cubic inches up to around 500 cubic inches.  It can be outfitted with a "0" or "0-1/2" black gear pump and flowed nozzles typically varying from #33 to #38 in sizing.  It is also be used in higher-horsepower dual throttle body applications.

The 2100 CFM (2-1/2" Butterflies) throttle body has became very prevalent due to the increasing cubic inch and higher horsepower engines being utilized today that alcohol carburetors have trouble satisfying.  This system has a wide range of uses from healthy small blocks (including SB2-style engines) to 600"+ spreadport engines.  The gear pump supplied with this system would be either a "0-1/2" or  a "1" in size.

Billet CNC Terminator Throttle Body
Combination Barrel Valve, Fuel Shutoff and Pill Holder
Injector Hoses
Nozzle Bodies
Nozzle Jets
Black Gear Pump
Pump Drive Kit (Most Engines Makes Available)
Shut-Off Cable
Fuel Filter
Assortment of Pills for Fine Tuning
Base Gasket
30+ Page Instruction Manual
Barrel Valve Flow and Initial Tune-up by KillerRONS.COM Technician

Billet Twin Gear Pump - $150
Dual Throttle Bodies - $975
Bushed Shafts in Throttle Body - $180
Black Anodize Throttle Body, Levers and Tie Rods - $150

Terminator Return Spring Kit - $30
Pump Saver Check Valve - $105
Inline -6AN Filter - $62
Basic Primer System - $325
Primer Plus System - $565
Track Survival Kit - $66
Terminator Scoop Mount Kit - $208 (add $101 to include extension)
Terminator Throttle Controller Extension Only - $135

The DUAL TERMINATOR SYSTEM ($3,525) is the choice for cast and sheet metal tunnel ram applications, especially in Top Dragster, Top Sportsman, Quick 8 and Quick 32 applications.  This complete system includes all of the components in the Terminator Kit with the addition of a Dual Throttle Body Upgrade.  Many add the Billet Twin Gear Pump to this system for an extra $150.

Mechanical fuel injection operates at very high pressures so there is no worry of "fuel sloshing" under acceleration like with a carburetor.  Due to this you can mount the throttle body in any direction on your engine. 

The Terminator dimensions are based off of a Dominator.  The base flange is a 4500 pattern and the top is 7.250" across.  The throttle body is slightly lower in height than a Dominator measuring 2.750".

All fuel delivery components are hard anodized and alcohol compatible seals are used throughout making the system impervious to the much-debated effects of alcohol on metals and rubbers.

The throttle cable lever comes standard with 1/4-28 thread but the lever can be changed to 10-32 thread if the customer desires.  Throttle throw from idle position to wide open throttle is 2.00".  The dual shafts are 3/8" in diameter and each shaft features a pair of built-in return springs and curb idle stops.

Recommended base gaskets are JEG'S #16610, Mr. Gasket #58C and Fel-Pro #1903.  These gaskets are available on JEGS.COM.

The Terminator throttle body can be purchased individually for $925.  The #3014A Combination Barrel Valve can be purchased individually for $350.

Throttle cable anchors and scoop mount kits can be seen here.

KillerRONS.COM systems are tailored to your combination by skilled technicians who have championship level experience using these systems.  In most cases your unit will ship within a few business days; in some cases the very same day.

Most customers drill and tap their own manifolds following this procedure.  If you are uncomfortable with this we can do it for you.  Please call for pricing and shipping instructions if you would like this service.  

Need more answers?  Visit our FAQ page.

KillerRONS.COM's James Monroe is shown above in the winner's circle after winning the Indy NHRA D3 Top Dragster divisional event in 2009.  During that time Monroe was using a 584" BBC with 12* cylinder heads toppped off with a single 2100 CFM Terminator Kit.  Typical ET's were 6.80's at 190+ MPH and low 6.70's aand nearing 200 MPH with 125HP shot of alcohol-enriched nitrous oxide.


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