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Depending upon your geographic region the offeason can bring as little as a couple of months of inactivity all of the way up to half of a calendar year or more.  With that being said, this is an opportunity to fully inspect, clean and winterize your Ron's Fuel Injection system. Not only will you protect your system from its worst enemy (inactivity) you will also get to know it's workings better and protect it from any start-up issues as the new season begins.


As an initial step KillerRONS recommends performing the THROTTLE BODY CLEANSING TECHNIQUE to remove any build-up of filth or grime on the body itself, butterlies, return springs and throttle body shafts.  Once that is completed you can move on to the winterization process below.

1. Drain the alcohol from the complete fuel system including the fuel cell, hoses fittings, barrel valve and fuel pump.  If necessary use compressed air to ensure all fuel is removed.


2. If possible cap or plug all fittings on the fuel cell so that it is air tight. This is especially if you utilize a non-anodized fuel cell.  KillerRONS has no problems with anyone uses a bare aluminum cell as long as these minor steps are taken in in the offseason.

3. Remove the fuel pump and liberally pour engine oil into inlet of pump.  Turn the pump pulley by hand to ensure that all vanes or gears are lubricated and coated well.  Install caps on the pump when completed or store the pump in a baggy for the winter.


4. Liberally fill the barrel valve with engine oil while working the shutoff and barrel valve spools back and forth.

Remove and lubricate the starter support valve with WD-40 working the poppet in an out and then reinstall.  Cap the inlet and outlet of the barrel valve.


5. Lubricate throttle body shafts and return springs with WD-40.  In this step also coat the insides of your fuel hoses and fittings with this same lubricant.


6. Soak your injector bodies and nozzle jets in an over the counter fuel injector cleaner available at any parts store.  If your system utilizes a stone filter it is also a great idea to soak these at this time.  Once soaking is complete dry these componenst and reinstall in the manifold or place in a baggy.

7. Go watch football and get ready for the upcoming racing season.


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