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By James Monroe and Scott Offermann with Contributions from Ron's Fuel Injection

Ron’s Fuel Injection follows a strict protocol during the manufacturing of their nozzle jets and bypass pills. This systematic approach has been used for well over 20 years at the Tucson, Arizona facility and is one of the reasons that this company can be boastful about being the “Winningest Fuel Injection in the World!”  As is customary at KillerRONS.COM we will outline this process in a way that cuts through the confusion by putting it in plain English.



The first step in producing a nozzle jet or bypass pill is to drill out a “blank” with the designated drill bit for the target flow rate desired. This is accomplished with a precision drill press to keep the initial cavity as "true" as possible. After drilling each nozzle jet or bypass pill is deburred and cleaned in preparation for the more precise steps to follow.



At this point the flow machine is tested and adjusted using a master (also known as reference) nozzle jet or bypass pill for the target flow rate being produced. During this process the master is flowed at the standard test pressure and is verified to be correct.  This is done more than once  to verify that the machine is operating correctly and that the results are repeatable.


Once the machine is verified the flow of the freshly drilled nozzle jet or bypass pill is measured against the master at the exact same pressure.   If the part flows slightly less than the master it is hand reamed and flowed again.  This step is repeated until the part flows within the tight tolerances set for the target flow rate.  Once the criteria are met the nozzle jet or bypass pill is stamped with its flow rate number. If at any time the part flows more than the master it is placed aside and used for a larger size.


During the above process of drilling and reaming to get the exact flow rate for a set of nozzle jets it is common to have the measured orifice vary a few thousandths.  The smoothness  of the drilled orifice and/or the amount of bevel at the opening or exit of the orifice can affect the flow rate of a nozzle jet or bypass pill.  Under no circumstance should one ever insert anything metal into the orifice of a nozzle jet or bypass pill as this can very easily change its flow rate.  

Most are aware that nozzle jets are not matched by orifice size but are matched by the flow rate.  Early on Ron’s Fuel Injection chose to differentiate their nozzle jets by using identifying numbers as close to the actual orifice size as possible.  This was done in an effort to make it easy for the customer.  Unfortunately this is misunderstood on occasion and has created questions from customers regarding their orifice sizes being "ill-matched".  This aside, KillerRONS.COM still feels that this nomenclature was a wise decision that has benefited most users.

Another wise decision was to offer the nozzle jets in a drop-in style configuration.  This was done primarily to keep the costs down for the tuner should they elect to fine-tune their fuel system by changing the sizing in all eight ports or even individually.  With a price point of only $8.50 each they allow the tuner to inventory different sizes that will allow him or her to get the most out of the fuel system.


Ron's Fuel Injection continues to provide customers with a proven, repeatable, reliable and cost-effective mechanical injection fuel system and KillerRONS.COM is proud to represent this company with the absolute best sales and technical support available.  If you feel that your nozzle jets or bypass pills are inaccurate for whatever reason Ron's Fuel Injection can flow your complete set for $25 plus return shipping.  Please contact KillerRONS.COM to arrange this testing.


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